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We Deal With The Auto Glass Insurance Company So You Don’t Have To!

Tempered auto glass was one of the most profound innovations created to enhance the automobile. Found in your vehicle’s back and side windows, its strength is due to a rapid heating and cooling process. Its main function is to break into countless small pieces upon impact, sparing you from the wrath of the large, sharp-edged chunks associated with standard plate-glass.

Your windshield is also special and made from laminated safety glass consisting of a thin layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) inserted between two layers of tempered glass. Considered the safest auto glass, U.S. law actually requires it. But as durable as auto glass is, unfortunately nothing lasts forever. Should any of your auto glass chip, break or fail, here a few auto glass insurance facts to keep in mind.

Comprehensive Insurance

Auto glass repair is generally covered if you purchased comprehensive when buying your insurance. Drivers who don’t own the title to their vehicle i.e. those making payments to a bank or who have a lease, are required by lenders to have comprehensive.


If you have a deductible under the comprehensive portion of your insurance, you will need to pay that amount. Keep in mind that many insurance companies will waive your deductible if your windshield is a candidate for repair rather than replacement. It’s also important to understand that if your deductible is the same or greater than the replacement cost of your auto glass, you would simply settle the bill with us rather than make a claim.

Know Your Rights

Did you know the law dictates you have the right to choose which shop repairs or replaces your auto glass? Don’t let your insurance company bully you into using a shop you don’t know or trust. The team at Abbey Glass have many years of experience dealing with auto glass insurance companies. Simply provide us with your insurance information and we’ll take care of the rest. Contact us anytime for all your auto glass needs.

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